Blended Families


Blended families have many unique challenges that nuclear families or single parent families that haven't entered into remarriage yet do not have. Blended families are literally trying to blend a two parent household with each of their sets of children. The challenges that many families deal with on a daily basis are still present in addition to new pressures i.e:

1) The new married couple have raised their children with their own style of parenting and may unwelcome the other parent's style. 

2) The ex-spouse of the two parents could play a role in this new arrangement bringing stress into the family. Custody arrangements often affect the time this new family has together to bond so that the kids aren't together all at the same time frequently in order to connect with this new family. 

3) Children still impacted from the original divorce of their parents view remarriage as a "death" of the hope that their parents will ever get back together and are often harboring many feelings of sadness, confusion, etc.

4) Division of labor, expectations of responsibility with children etc. all has to be worked out with the new parents which may be different than what the children expected from when they lived alone with their parent.

5) Children may have had to leave their original homes and join with their mother/father's home, leaving their friends, school etc. 

But there is hope.....with counseling, time, communication, family meetings, respect and patience, blended families have much success in their future. In fact, given time, these families end up having the benifit of multiple people to share in loving and connecting as they move on in their world and the parents have had a second chance at finding someone they love and their children can love. 

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